AEK 3-1 Levadeiakos

AEK grabbed another thre points this weekend to move into one point within second place in the standings. Goals for AEK came from Djebbour, Blanco (who is now top-scorer), and substitue Edinho. Levadeiakos’ only goal came from an own goal after a Levadeiakos shot rebounded off Tacthtidis’ foot, catching Saja off guard.

Overall it was a satisfying performance by AEK, who managed to play consistently the entire match. Both Georgeas and Juanfran were dangerous down the wings and both managed to create some significant chances. Alexopoulos replaced Majstorovic who was suffering from a virus and played some solid defence along with Kyrgiakos. The defence was solid overall however they did get caught offguard on the Levadeiakos counter attacks a few times, especially down the wings.

The midfield, which at the start consisted of Scocco, Nsaliwa, Kafes, Tacthsidis, was allright, with Tachtsidis once again showing plenty of promise. Kafes fought hard and was good both defencively and offesnively, contributing with some great tackles. Overall the midfield managed to penetrate and create some chances however they often had trouble finding a player up front to play the ball to and so had to resort to playing the back pass so the ball could be played down the wings.

As the score shows, the offence once again managed to score some goals, which at this point is extremely important if we are to finish second. Djebbour also missed a great chance to score a second when a header hit the crossbar.

The substitues for the match were Pelletieri, Diouf, and Edinho.

Panathinaikos drew 1-1 away at Tripolis, and PAOK managed to get a 2-1 win over Thrasivoulos after going down 0-1 in the first half. Olympiakos beat Panionios away 3-2 and therefore confirmed themseslves as champions since it is now impossible for any other team to catch with only three games remaining.

Goals here.

There were plenty of fires burning at OAKA last night after soem AEK fans managed to smash into a Panathinaikos boutique burn all the scarves and shirts. Reports also say that soem of the AEK fans also manged to burn the AEK boutique at OAKA as well.

The incidents started about an hour before the game when Panathinaikos fans leaving a volleyball match at OAKA clashed with AEK fans. Riot police were soon there and of course, the presence of the polic did not do any good with regards to calming down the AEK fans. Most of the trouble was around gate 1, where Original21 sit. Flares and molotov cocktails were being thrown at the police throughout much of the match and the police responded with tear gas. No reports of any innjuries have been heard yet.

It is unfortunate that this kind of behaviour is present at football matches in Greece, and quite often, as it distracts players and prevents fans from going to watch the matches.


3 Responses to “AEK 3-1 Levadeiakos”

  1. aekman74 Says:

    Once again no live tv or stream was available so can’t comment on the match today,great to see we’re finishing chances consistently now and that’s what it’s all about.On the crowd trouble it must be mentioned that AEK did warn all the relevant authorities, who wouldn’t listen, that violence was a certainty since Pao was playing European cup volleyall next door in the OAKA indoor arena,and their match was destined to finish near the start of the AEK match,I mean seriously……..

  2. Yeah, were finishing chances and scoring goals like we last year, especially under Kostenoglou. This should only improve come next season.

    Yep, the authorities were all warned a week (maybe more) in advance. Something really should have been done by EPO (I cant see them ever have changing the volleyball match since it was a final). This whole mess could have been avoided.

  3. Hi there. I’m Trevor from FourFourTwo Australia. We’re putting together a feature on what overseas fans think of their Australian club players. I was hoping to get your input on Nathan Burns. Could you email me on please?

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