the REAL AEK has arrived….finally!

Well it’s taken a while but it looks like the bajevic influence is coming through.Unfortunately no live tv coverage in Australia and being unable to find a stream,meant that my comments are based purely on a 5 min highlight package.What shone through was the performance of the youngster Tachtzidis.With possibly the best left foot in the club since the great Vassilis Tsiartas,he really seems to be offering a different dimension down that left hand side,something missing for a long time .I honestly think we can overtake both pao and paok for that 2nd champions league spot now that we’re on a bit of a roll.Coincidently this run seems to have started with bajevic introducing more and more youngsters,whose enthusiasm seems to be rubbing off on the more established players.On a side note,an interview appeared in O KOSMOS,a weekly greek newspaper in sydney,of Nathan Burns, in which he stated that he wasn’t ready for 1st team action while Donis was in charge and that he knocked back an offer to return to Adelaide United around transfer window time.He’s also full of praise for Bajevic trusting in youth and knows that he must continue to improve to become a regular in the 1st team(great attitude).Finally,can anyone remember when was the last time AEK scored 5 before half time?


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