AEK Thrash Panserraikos

AEK put five past Panserraikos in Serres this evening, with two goals coming from Blanco, two from Djebbour, and one from Scocco. Panserraikos’ goal came from a penalty.

AEK, in what was arguably one of its best performances this season had no trouble with the team from Serres. Considering Pnaserraikos had just come back from beating Panathinaikos in Athens earlier this week, many thought this game could have been much different. But, with some great plays and passing by the midfield, there was no trouble in getting the ball up and creating chances.

Nsaliwa and Pelletierri (Kafes is still out) along with Tachtsidis and Scocco a little further up, managed to set up many plays with ease, and managed to feed Blanco and Djebbour withmany¬† good passes and crosses. Djebbour scored another two (it was Djebbour’s birthday today).

The defence, as always, was fine. Panserraikos only managed to create a few decent chances throughout, but Saja was ready on most of them anyways. Alexopoulos replaced Kyrgiakos (who had seven yellows) for this one and did a fine job (he did get AEK a penalty from a hand ball but it was an unavoidable mistake). Majstorovic was as always, extremely solid. Missed a chance from a header off of a Scocco free kick which just barely missed. Geraldo and Georgeas took the wings at back and did fine. Juanfran should be back soon but against a team like Panserraikos, Geraldo was, although a little slow, just fine. Georgeas was quite good as he normally has been this season.

The midfield, as I mentioned earlier, was great, and was a critical part of the team’s performance today. Passes were accurate and made with confidence. Some nice crosses by Tachtsidis caused Panserraikos’ defence trouble, especially one right to Djebbour which allowed him to score with ease.

The offence was nothing less than great. Blanco scored two, one from a scramble in the box and one from a nice shot.

The subs were Hetemaj, Diouf, and Burns. Both Burns and Diouf wanted to score but by time they came in not as many chances were being created.

Overall, this game shows just how much progress the teams made since Bajevic has taken over, considering that AEK’s earlier encounter this season with Panserraikos at OAKA ended in a 0-0 draw. The team is starting to gel well together and hopefully, if we can hold on to key figures like Pelletieri over the summer, we should have a much better run in the championship next season.

By the way, we play the same team in two weeks for the cup Semi finals. Today’s result shows alot of hope, and I believe that AEK will manage to reach the Cup final with ease.

Lets see what AEK Baltimore and AEKMAN74 have to say about today’s performance.

There is a video of the goals below. Sorry for the poor quality, it is all that is available at the moment.


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