aek double up on xanthi

Following our victory in the cup midweek,aek faced xanthi again 3 days later and although still not playing anywhere their capabilities,managed to squeeze out another win.Edinho made it 1-0 in the 10th min,after a lovely through ball by blanco on the edge of the box.Blanco made it 2-0 in the 50th min,after a defensive clearance by super skipper Kiriakos,caught the xanthi defense asleep leaving Blanco one-on-one with the keeper and he comfortably converted.AEK were deseved winners having 9 shots compared to xanthi’s 2 on goal,and with blanco spurning a massive opportunity after great lead up work by new boy,the Australian,Nathan Burns on debut,the game could have been wrapped up alot earlier.Macho made a rare start in goal but in truth had little to do.Koutromanos impressed once again,as did the defence in general(surely our best part of the game at the moment).The midfield i feel is our problem area with bajevic struggling to find a cohesive combination.Nsalliwa had another fine game with his non stop aggresion and passion and hadji douf ,starting out on the left,showed that he can play at the highest level in greece.Scocco is a worry.I’m positive that he doesn’t realise how good he could be,if he believed in himself more,untapped potential,lets just hope it does not go to waste.Man of the match-Blanco(1 goal,1 assist).


3 Responses to “aek double up on xanthi”

  1. alexaek Says:

    Too bad Blanco didnt put away that second chance, he would have been nehind Galetti by only one. Nonetheless, it was a good game by Blanco, he did all he could. I personally really like Blanco and Edinho up there rather than Blanco and Djebbour. I think it seems to be a more effective front line.

    This was by far Koutromanos’ best game, he seems to be gaining more confidence with the ball now.

    Of course, we cant forget that our midfield was once again without Kafes, who should be returning soon. I think hes certainly become a critical part of our team lately.

    Diouf and Burns both showed ALOT of promise, and I really hope we start to see more of them.

  2. gtmanleg Says:

    Another week of good news. I hope we can still finish second. I think it will be tough.

  3. alexaek Says:

    You know, with PAO drawing over the weekend were not far from third.After that we have to pass PAOK in order to reach second but because they just barely got a win over the weekend, it is gonna be quite tough, as you said. But well see, there are still some games left in the season, so its possible.

    But with the playoff system it doesnt really matter as much as it might have otherwise. But ofcourse, we should still aim to finish as high as possible and hope PAO and PAOK drop some points.

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