Larissa 1-1 AEK

AEK JUST BARELY managed to hold on and salvage a point after playing against a Larissa side which looked to be in good form.

For the first twenty minutes the game was mostly controlled by Larissa, who attacked frequently but rarely manged to make anything of it. Around the 25th minute however, AEK started turning things around and it was eventually a very even match, with both teams taking turns attcking.

The second half was similar to the first. Some good chances for both sides but nothing outstanding displayed by either team. However, things changed late in the game when Saja made two fabulous saves to deny Larissa the goal(even though it was offside for Larissa), however, shortly after that, in the 90th minute, a strong shot by Fotakis found its way into the goal which put Larissa up 1-0.

Just when Larissa had though they would get away with the win the score was even again, this time at 1-1 after Djebbour tied it right off of the kick off. A pass inside the box by Manduca found Djebbour who only had to tap it in the net after the Larissa keeper was found out of position.

Once again, AEK had many chances but little to show for it, similar to last week’s unfortunate loss to Olympiakos. It was a contrasting performance by AEK compared to their confident 3-0 win over Panionios two weeks ago. The team managed to create some chances but not many other than a select few managed to actually threaten Larissa.

One weakness for AEK today was the team’s shooting. Many good opportunities in front of the net were created and then wasted due to weak shots from Scocco, Blanco, and Djebbour which didnt even force the Larissa keeper to move.

Two AEK defenders who havent played for awhile played in todays match: Koutromanos and Alexopoulos. Koutromanos played left back while Alexopoulos played centre back. Alexopoulos replaced Kyrgiakos, who sat the game out due to cards, and Georgeas replaced Juanfran, who was inured at last weeks game, at left back.

Overall, it was a decent match, with both teams playing good football. However, AEK will once again have to start capitalizing on its chances if they are to climb further in the standings in order to get a better position in the playoffs. Hopefully well see another entertaining game next weekend against Thrasivoulos (a team who embarassed AEK earlier on in the season) as we saw from the team’s fantastic 3-0 victory against Panionios two weeks ago.

The video below shows some highlights from the match.

Review and video here.


2 Responses to “Larissa 1-1 AEK”

  1. I only saw the 1-1 score. I feel much better knowing that AEK scored the last goal and salvaged a point versus giving up the last score and losing 2 points.

  2. didn’t see the game as stream kept cutting out,draw as i thought,not too bad a result,considering.must beat thrasyvolos next week and comfortably.still think we can get second place in the playoffs,like to see macho given a chance in goals even though saja has been relatively safe,macho was one of the best keepers at euro 08,seems wasted talent on the bench!

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