AEK 3-0 Panionios

An unbelievable performance by AEK led to a convincing 3-0 win over Panionios, giving AEK its third win a row. This is hard to believe, considering that just before last Saturday, AEK had not gotten one back to back win yet this season.

One goal from Blanco, one from Edinho, and one from Scocco was enough to reassure fans just one week before AEK take on Olympiakos at OAKA.

The players gelled extremely well together. Passing was smooth and the ball moved around the field with ease. The transition of the ball from defence to the forwards seemed effortless, and the style of play at times was similar to that which we saw last season. AEK played fast football, however, they never seemed to be rushing. They rarely lost the ball and pressured when they had to and relaxed when they had time and space.

The defence was solid (as usual, Majstorovic and Kyrgiakos were great in the air). Juanfran was strong and fought hard. Georgeas was good defensively and made great runs down the right wing, receiving passes from either Scocco, Kafes, Nsaliwa, or Pelletieri and then executing good passes to the forwards when possible.

The midfield was generally flawless, and this was without Basinas. It was fast, and provided the forwards, as well as the two defensive backs with great passes. Pelletieri played a great game and fought hard to win the ball. Kafes provided great passes, and Scocco was fundamental in getting the ball up. Nsaliwa helped defensively, as well as by making some nice passes and crosses.

The offense was, well, as the score suggests, very effective. The good thing is that AEK finally managed to capitalize on its chances and score, something we havent seen at many games previously in the season.

From the first minute of the game AEK were pressuring and playing the kind of football that fans have been expecting since the beggining of the season.

The bullet Scocco scored can be seen below as well as the other two goals scored.

And now, its only a matter of days before one of the most anitcipated AEK games of the season. Thats right, AEK will take on rivals Olympiakos in only four days. After the team’s great performance over the weekend AEK look ready to go for this game and hopefully can put on another wonderful display like last year’s 4-0 victory over Olympiakos at OAKA.


2 Responses to “AEK 3-0 Panionios”

  1. aekman 74 Says:

    didn’t see the game,heard they played very well(old man said)glad to see zorro score again.thats 31 goals in 54 starts for the enosi,scocco’s finally comin good under dusan,knew he would.if aek coild get two real good overlapping fullbacks,the rest of the teams looking tip against the bullshit leaders 3-1,blanco 2 goals and big kiri the scorers aek4life

  2. 3-1?!?! Thats all. 4-0 One from Blanco, one from Edi, one from Scocco, and one from Kyrgiakos.

    40,000 tickets sold and that was what I last heard last night. Thats pretty good, it should be at least 55,000 on Sunday I think. That will be a good crowd.

    I really dont see olympiakos winning this. With the fan support, the team finally clicking, Dusan as manager, I see us taking this one, and hopefully confortably.

    I hope the AEK supporters make this hell for oly.

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