AEK 1-0 Panthrakikos

After a month and five days AEK managed to clinch their first win and gain a long awaited for three points. This was the first win for Dusan Bajevic after two away draws before this, one to OFI and one to Levadeiakos. Ismael Blanco scored the only goal of the game which puts him as the second highest Superleague Scorer at the moment, tied with Ogunsoto from Ergotelis with six goals. Cesarec from Asteras Tripolis is currently top scorer with seven goals.

The Blanco goal was scored from a pass by Scocco, who missed a clear chance as well. Nsaliwa played for his third game in a row and rightfully won the MVP of the game award after a great performance which shows alot of promise for the future. Pantelis Kafes also played a great game, with some great tackling (some tackles even resembled those seen in Ice Hockey)

AEK were the side pressuring most of the time with Panthrakikos only rarely getting a decent chance. The defence as a whole played a good game. Majstorovic was a little dangerous with the ball at the back, sometimes almost giving it to a player of the opposing team. Pliatsikas played a fearless aggresive game and Juanfran actually showed some improvement over his disastrous performance at the OFI match. Kyrgiakos, as always, was the most important figure in the defence, and was key on containing the Panthrakikos forwards on their counter attacks.

The team’s midfield managed to cope just fine without Basinas who sat out after receiving four yellow cards previously. However, the midfield is still currently the area which will need the most improvement, and possibly some new players in January. has a report here.


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