Levadeiakos 0-0 AEK

AEK’s poor away form, as many fans feared, has continued with little improvement. AEK drew away with Levadeiakos who currently sit in 11th position with 13 points. Despite hitting the post three times throughout the match neither Djebbour or Blanco could score.

AEK were handed a chance to salvage the three points in extra time after a penalty was called in the Levadeiakos box. Manduca originally took the penalty which was saved by the Levadeiakos keeper. The penalty however was ordered to be retaken and Basinas was instructed this time to take the penalty by AEK manager Dusan Bajevic. The weak and low shot by Basinas, who was 100 percent with penalties until this match, was easily saved once again by the Levadeikos keeper.

Nsaliwa played his second game in a row and once again proved himself to be one of the best players on the pitch. Kyrgiakos and Majstorovic were fairly tight at the back however they at times let their man slip forcing Saja to come out or make a quick save.

Lagos also played a decent game, and his performance at times was definitely better than previous performances we have seen earlier this season.

The starting lineup was like this







Scocco was instructed by Bajevic to play up front with Blanco for this match. This formation did not seem to fit the team. Many chances were created by Pliatsikas and Lagos running up the wings and making the crosses in. There were few dangerous chances actually created by passing in the middle.

The substitutions were Edinho, Manduca, and Djebbour.

Greeksoccer.com has a report here.


2 Responses to “Levadeiakos 0-0 AEK”

  1. Greek Hab Says:

    I just herd a rumour that Katsouranis is to leave Benfica in January after getting into a few fights with the team coach.

  2. Yep, thats what weve been hearing on the radio. Dont know how true it is and if it is, how likely a move back to Greece would be. Well have to see as we approach January.

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