The Nightmare Continues…. Brief Match Review

The unconvincing performances under the leadership of Giorgos Donis, which started from this summer when AEK played Omonia, have continued to be displayed by the team. AEK drew 3-3 away against recently promoted Thrasivoulos after playing a game of football which if played against any other team would have led to a much worse result for the away side.

AEK scored early and by the end of the first half were up 3-0 although the high score did not accurately represent the low quality level of football being played by AEK. The football was slow and unorganized. The defence made silly errors which Thrasivoulos were fortunately not able to capitalize on and the offense played with lack of the passion that led to many of the 4-0 games that AEK won last year.

The second half was one of the worst moments in the recent history of AEK. Before the team seemed to had woken up from their half time nap the Thrasivoulos offense had managed to score three goals and level the score at 3-3.

After this the AEK forwards started pressuring again however it was never enough to score that much needed fourth goal.

The only bright side of the match would have be the good performance by Ignacio Scocco.

The main topic of discussion on the radio along with AEK’s poor performance was the future of AEK manager Giorgos Donis. It is now being questioned whether he will remain with AEK for long yet nothing is near certain.

AEK are now 7th with only ten points from seven games. Olympiakos remain first even after loosing 1-0 to Aris and Panathinaikos are now 4th after drawing 2-2 at home with Iraklis.


One Response to “The Nightmare Continues…. Brief Match Review”

  1. Donis must go this is making me sick each and every week.

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