AEK 1-1 Larissa

AEK, after a disappointing performance, luckily managed to get away with 1 point yesterday. The team played a poor game of soccer and only until Basinas was taken out at half time were they able to consistently create chances in front of the Larissa goal. Even then, with both Blanco and Djebbour up front they were still unable to score a goal.

The positive aspect of the game last night was a solid performance by the defence which for the most part included Majstorovic (who played a much improved game compared to previous games), Georgeas (he was reliable, and managed to help bring the ball up many times), Alexopoulos (played a solid game and was definately a suitable replacement for the injured Kyrgiakos) and Koutromanos (if hes given some more time, the young AEK defender should improve even more but he played a decent game nonetheless). Juanfran was out due to the red card which he received during the match against Olympiakos and Kyrgiakos is out for a month due to an injury he picked up while playing for Greece.

More details can be found here.

Below is a short video of highlights from the match.


2 Responses to “AEK 1-1 Larissa”

  1. Guys,

    I have just got back to Wales, Uk after a weeks break in Athens, and of course i went to see our team on Sunday.

    Where do i start?! First half apart from the last 5 minutes of, were terrible. AEL were very unlucky to not be ahead, frustratingly without even playing that well. Basinas was absolutly abysmal, and was rightly subbed for the second half, his passing, his all round work rate were embarressing and believe me this was notcied by the fans around me!!

    Second half was much better and i believe we deserved the win on the strength of the second half performance. Scocco was superb, dribbling, shooting, and final ball all superb. Another good performance for me was that of Pelletieri, lovely footballer, can tackle but has a great eye for a pass, a Pelletieri and Kafes partnership is definatly one worth considering. Other plus points for me were the performance of Georgeas and Alexopoulos, who was cheers everytime he touched the ball.

    Overall i left the ground disapointed but in Scocoo and Pelletieri i believe we could have individually two of the best platers in the Super League.

  2. Yeah, Basinas was just horrible yesterday. Yeah, we were all booing him at OAKA, and I hope he heard. That was not an impressive game by him, and I agree, Im glad he was subbed. Our performance increased drastically when he left, our midfield was able to get passes together more sucesfully and was able to build forwards rather than backwards like Basinas kept on wanting to play.

    Georgeas was great, and Im glad that we dont have to worry if Kyrgiakos gets injured with Alexopoulos back there. Yeah, I remember everyone clapping, especially the first time he touched the ball. It was his first regular season game in over two years!

    I agree about Scocco, definately one of the best in the league and definately the best transfer for AEK along with Kyrgiakos. Pelletieri plays great football and should just get better as time goes on.

    The problem in the second half I believe was the fact that we had two dangerous strikers up there yet neither could get the ball in the net. They were set up many times but they were often out of position.

    It was great having the Larissa fans there, I personally think its great when there are fans from both sides, and both sets of fans trying to sing louder than the other.

    At this point, I really want a convincing performance against Thrasyvoulos. I just got my tickets for that game, hopefully we will see a few goals!

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