Olympiacos 2-0 AEK

Olympiacos beat an offensively weak AEK yesterday in the second main Athens Derby of the season. This was the first week in the Superleague where AEK did not gain a point (AEK had two draws and two wins up to this point).

Fortunately for AEK, its still early in the season, and there is still time for Donis to clean things up. Defensively, AEK played well and controlled the balls in the air with relative ease. Georgeas played in place of Ramos and this proved to be a good choice by Donis. Midfield wise, AEK were allright, but this was mainly thanks to Pelletieri, who played hard, didnt stop running, and helped distribute the ball when we could. Basinas however was slow, and allthough he made some good passes and defencive moves, his crosses were weak and off target.

The offence was the problem for AEK last night. We could not penetrate far into Olympiacos territory with ease and when we could players were out of position and could not get many serious scoring opportunities (Scocco missed a nice shot when he hit the post and Kyrgiakos had a couple of chances to score from headers on set plays).

Fortunately, it is early in the season and the games for AEK from now on should be easier for AEK untill the start of the second half of the superleague season.

There are some match reviews here, here, and here. Here are the results from the other superleague macthes this weekend.

Other AEK news, Sokrates Papastathopoulos scored for Genoa and recieved a red card. Pantelis Kapetanos scored for Steaua late in the game for Steaua to clinch a late 1-1 draw.


One Response to “Olympiacos 2-0 AEK”

  1. I hate losing to Olympiakos, but I guess it shouldn’t be surprising. It is early, but AEK must win. These draws will be harmful later.

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