AEK 1-0 Iraklis

AEK, after beating Iraklis 1-0 at home AEK are now tied for second place with PAOK and Ergotelis.



AEK got the ball in the net early on in the first minute of the game however the goal was dissalowed because of an offside call. Ignacio Scocco scored, his first goal in the Superleague, in the 14th minute off of a centre cross by Blanco.

After the first goal by AEK the offense slowed down and created far fewer chances. Pelletieri missed a few shots, and both Djebour and Blanco could have scored on a few ocassions but failed to capitalize.

Overall, AEK played a decent performance, however their game will have to improve if they are to get the six points from their next two games with Panionios and Olympiakos, both away. Kyrgiakos, Scocco, Djebbour, Blanco and Peletierri all had great performances. Majstorovic and Ramos however were error prone and made many dangerous passes. One such backpass by Majstorovic almost led to a goal for the opposition.

The three substitutes for AEK were Hetemaj (for Lagos), Edinho (for Djebbour), and Georgeas (for Ramos).

The MVP for AEK was Sebastien Saja, who played an excellent game and made a great to save to deny Iraklis a 1-1 draw.

Here are the the results from the other Superleague matches this weekend.


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