Demis Nikolaidis No Longer With AEK(?)

Demis Nikolaidis started his career with AEK as a player, and a brilliant player he was. He scored 125 times in 189 games, and was considered one of the greatest players Greece has ever produced. He excelled when he played with AEK, his favorite team since his child.

After retiring, he helped, as president of AEK, to bring AEK back to a regular contender for the Greek Championship after they were being threatened with relegation to the third division due to the corruption of previous owners and presidents. He helped bring in many young and talented players and brought AEK within two points of the Greek Championship just last year.

Reports are now saying that he has quit as president of AEK. I have not been able to find any english sources on the internet yet but I will continue searching and will post them as soon as they appear.

NOTE: This might not be true, as it has not yet been confirmed. Demis will be having a press conference on the 25th of August, as stated on AEK’s website.


2 Responses to “Demis Nikolaidis No Longer With AEK(?)”

  1. Greek Hab Says:


  2. Sidinayarak Says:

    Leaving in May… 😦

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