AEK 1-0 Bursaspor

AEK has finally come out with a win after two friendlies that ended in draws. The goal was a penalty taken by Rivaldo.

AEK’s performance was no more than average tonight. It was not disappointing performance, but it certaintly wasnt the most pleasing performance the team has put on. It showed lots of room for improvement, especially up front where the finishing was not good. There were quite a few chances to score but these chances were not taken advantage of. The offence seemed a little slow. AEK came close to scoring but Pavlis’ shot was low and not fast enough and the keeper reached it. Unfortunately, there was nobody up and ready to get the rebound.

The defence seemed a little weak as well but Saja’s goalkeeping was very promising. He had sharp reflexes and, what was most pleasing to see was that he was confident and knew what he was doing before he decided to do it. He did not hesitate which was often the problem with Morretto.

Midfield seemed allright, they managed to get the passes up the field quick enough.

Overall, either a few strong transfers should be made if possible or Donis will have to try and find the best lineup. He didnt seem to find the lineup he was looking for.

Oh well, it is only friendly, and there are still many more ahead and still some time remaining. But if we play like we did today, the chances of taking the championship will be very slim.

On the bright side, the team didnt play nearly as bad as Olympiakos has been playing lately.


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