AEK Open Practise

Yesterday evening, AEK held a practise which was open to the fans to go and watch. The team practised for about two hours. They first did various exercises such as heading the ball and ball control exercises. They then did a passing exercise for about twenty minutes. At the end, for about half an hour the team played a small scrimmage. Everyone on the team seemed fit and happy to be training with Donis which was a huge relief to see. I wasnt sure how the team would react under new management but the transition seemed to be smooth. Everyone was working hard, including Alexopoulos who seemed to be fully recovered from his injury.

Many of the players that had been on teams during the EURO were not present including Lyberopoulos,Dellas,Majstorovic, and Macho.

Donis seemed to be happy and relaxed which shows that he has no fear or worries for the upcoming season. He joked around with fans and stayed behind long after the players left to talk with fans and take pictures.

During the scrimmage much of the focus seemed to be on scoring goals from headers off of corners from the side with Rivaldo and Edinho in charge of setting up the plays and Blanco and Lagos scoring the goals. Ball control was superb throughout much of the practise and the players seemed confident in themeselves and their coach.

Overall, the team seemed to be in good spirits and working well together, a good sign for the new season.

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