Below average Greece off to a weak start at EURO 2008

Greece, under command of Otto Rehagel played a very defensive game last night against Sweden yet it was still not enough to hold off Sweden who defeated Greece 2-0 in Salzburg, the birth place of King Otto.

Sotiris Kyrgiakos was being trained by Rehagel in the days up to the match against Sweden on man marking techniques since he was the defender chosen to keep an eye on Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sweden’s most dangerous attacker who currently plays for Inter Milan. Kyrgiakos marked well throughout the game almost always beating Zlatan to the headers and constantly following his every move but a few seconds away from his marker was enough for Ibrahimovic to recieve a pass and get a quick and powerful shot (it was a beautiful goal) that easily found its way into the net. Antonis Nikopolidis, the Greece goalkeeper who helped take Greece to many clean sheets at EURO 2004 managed to get a fingertip on the ball but the shot was too powerful for any keeper to save.

The second goal for Sweden was scored by defender Hansson in the 72nd minute and showed to Otto and the Greece players that even though Greece were playing with five defenders (compared to Sweden’s four) and three defensive midfielders the defense will still need to work alot harder if they are to stand any chance against Russia and Spain (Spain beat Russia 4-1 in last night’s other group D match).

Overall, it was a very poor display by the current title holders who look like they will have a hard time trying to defend their cup.

Greece play this Saturday against Russia and Wednesday the 18th of June they will play Spain who have looked very impressive so far after three goals from David Villa and one from Fabregas helped them score 4 goals. Spain played an amazing game with perfect passing, teamwork, co-ordination and a deadly offence, all the qualities the Greece team were lacking last night.





4 Responses to “Below average Greece off to a weak start at EURO 2008”

  1. Just a bad outing from the Greeks, whose style did them in. Funny that they’re calling for change mid-tournament. Too little too late. Early exit for Greece.

  2. Alex, you are a stronger man than I. I could not post after that game. I jsut wanted to forget it. We came alive a bit at the end. We had to. Karagounis had a good game. Katsouranis was invisible. But overall, I don’t expect much from us this tournament.

  3. Ah, I know what you mean. I actually dont know if Ill be able to watch the game against Russia. It was painful to watch the last game and I dont want any more misery.

    And I would like to say that there is still a chance but I cant see anything happening after that game.

  4. We all know what happened now.
    Spain the champions of Europe and soon the World!!

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