Good Bye Daniel

AEK have agreed with KRC Genk on a price of 1.5 million Euros for AEK player Daniel Tozser. AEK wishes the Hungarian good succes for the rest of his career. Daniel said he would like to someday return to AEK since to him, AEK will always have a special part in his heart. The midfielder has played with AEK in 47 games including many of AEK’s Champions League matches.

He would like to thank the management of AEK who has always had confidence in him,  and he would also like to thank the fans of AEK who have always supported him.

Good Bye Daniel.



3 Responses to “Good Bye Daniel”

  1. aekbaltimore (Mike) Says:

    yeah, he’ll be missed. after this season, once Rivaldo retires, I hope we don’t live to regret the day we let Toszer go. still, at this point, wtih the players we have now, he’s worth more to us as a 1.5 million transfer than as an extra midfielder on the bench (or worse, trying to force him to play defensive mid the way Ferrer did).

  2. tell me more of daniel plzzz ????

    i don know him
    is hy good ???

  3. alexaek Says:

    He is a very good midfielder. Hes very young (only 23) but already has plenty of experience in Champions League, UEFA Cup and plays with the Hungarian National Team. He hasnt had many problems with managers except with his short spell at Galatasaray.

    Hes good at spreading the ball out to other players around the field and has very accurate crosses.

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