AEK Players at EURO 2008 and other International Teams

Back at EURO 2004 in Portugal AEK contributed to the Greek National Team with many of its star players such as Traianos Dellas, Nikos Liberopoulos, Kostas Katsourani, Theodoros Zagorakis, Vassilis Tsiartas, Demis Nikolaidis, Michalis Kapsis, and Vassilis Lakis. Today only Dellas and Liberopoulos remain with AEK. Although many players such as Demis and Zagorakis have retired from professional football many are still active but no longer with AEK. Many of these players left after the financial troubles AEK had and decided to play with bigger teams such as Benfica after their performance was seen after Greece’s EURO 2004 victory.

Koastas Katsouranis with Greece during EURO 2004

Although many Greek international players are no longer with AEK, AEK still plays many other players who represent their own national team. Daniel Toszer played against Greece with Hungary during EURO 2008 qualifications. Greece will play against Sweden for their first group stage match at the EURO. Playing with Sweden will be newly aqquired AEK Swedish defender Daniel Majstorovic. EURO 2008 host nation Austria will also be playing with AEK starting goalkeeper Jurgen Macho. He might see considerably more playing time after the main Austrian starting goal keeper has been left with an injury that will mean he will have to sit out the tournament.

Jurgen Macho with Austria during Austria\'s friendly against England

AEK also has many players playing with the Greek National U-21 and U-19 teams. Kone, Pliatsikas, Papastathopoulos, and Antonis Rikka all play with the Greece U-21 team while Michalis Pavlis plays with the Greece U-19 team.

AEK also has some players playing on other International teams including Giorgos Tofas who plays with the Cyprus National Team, Perparim Hetemaj who plays with Finland, and Tamanadi Nsaliwa who plays with Canada.


 Tamanadi Nsaliwa with Canada


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