Hungary 3-2 Greece

Nikolaos Lyberopoulos celebrating a goal with the Greece National TeamGreece suffered a surprising defeat over the weekend as the lost 3-2 to Hungary. This defeat comes just weeks before the team plays its first match in the group stages against Sweden for EURO 2008.

Greece played sloppy football much like the team that rated 61st in the world many years back, not the 8th in the world, one behind France team they are now. It was only a friendly, a game planned simply to help prepare the team before the EURO which is good thing. Clearly, the team isnt as flawless and perfect as many fans had expected. But, as Coach Otto Rehagel said, hopefully this defeat will turn out to be a well timed wake up call.

The only two goals came from Amanatidis and AEK striker Nikos Lyberopoulos. The first goal came after Gekas lost his footing inside the penalty box and Amanatidis was quickly able to get to the ball and easily hit it into the net to put Greece up 1-0 before the break.

Greece then allowed 3 goals in in 18 minutes. Greece however managed to pull one goal closer with a Lyberopoulos header in extra minute however it turned out to be too late.

The only injuries were to keeper Antonis Nikopolidis and possible future AEK midfielder Angellos Basinas.





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