Giorgos Alexopoulos signs for two years

Giorgos Alexopoulos training with the team.Giorgos Alexopoulos, who has been out due to injury approximately two years has finally returned to playing and has just agreed on signing along with AEK for another two years.

He had the following to say: “My return to the field after a two years absence, will be once again in AEK’s shirt.  It’s a comeback I owe to the team, to the fans and to everyone supporting me during this time.  I would like to express a great thank to the President and to the team’s management and coach, Μr. George Donis, as well, for giving me opportunity to continue playing high level football, pursuing Greek and European titles with my teammates. For me this seems like a new beginning and I’m eager to find myself back in the stadiums in order to assist in our mutual goals and to make the team’s fans proud”.

Hopefully he will be back to playing high quality football with AEK next year. The fans are definately awaiting his first performance.

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