Panionios 2-2 AEK

Well, AEK, along with Giorgos Donis will have to settle for UEFA Cup next year after drawing with Panionios following PAO’s 3-1 victoy over Aris. At this point, with one match remaining in the Playoffs, it will be impossible for AEK to finish first in the Playoffs.

AEK went down first after a goal by Panionios player Fernandez in the 21st minute.

AEK quickly evened out the game after Rivaldo nailed in a penalty. Blanco was tackled inside the penalty box by Panionios keeper Kresic. It was a needed tackle which would have most likely resulted in a goal by Blanco who was about to swerve to the left of the keeper which would have left him an open net to tap the ball into.

AEK took the lead in the 39th minute after a perfectly set up cross to Blanco by Ramos was headed to Lyberopoulos who headed the ball into the net out of reach of the Panionios keeper.

“Allright” I was thinking at this point “AEK simply let their guard down for the first Panionios goal and were slowly starting to get back into the game”. Unfortunately the game was only showed on Supersport, a chanel which we do not have access to so I ended up having to listen to the match on the radio. On the radio, it was very difficult to see how poorly AEK was actually playing. When I saw the highlights on TV after the match I realized that, although AEK had some decent chances to score, Panionios also had many chances to score and humiliate AEK like the other teams we played in the Playoffs had.

AEK led the game 2-1 for the rest of regulation time from this point onward. The nineteeth minute came and I was praying for the referee to blow the whistle. Unfortunately, however, the officials decided upon four minutes of extra time. It was in the first minute of extra time that AEK displayed the worst “Defence” in the history of the team, and possibly, I’m quite serious, in the history of the sport of soccer. And it was due to this pathetic defence that Panionios tied the game.  Although the coach thought our defenders were fouled, the ref did not think so.  During the press conference the coach said he will take what ever team he has left to the final game and be done with this “diadikasia”, u can almost translate it to “ordeal”.


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