AEK News: Rivaldo, Cleyton, and Chalkias(?)

Demis Nikolaidis, president of AEK recently held a meeting with Rivaldo with hopes of persuading the Brazilian legend to reamin in Greece with AEK. Rivaldo has said that he needs time to think about the situation but that there is a possibility that he will remain. He said that he would like to ensure that none of the mistakes from this season are repeated. He also said that he puts full confidence in the new AEK manager for next year, Giorgos Donis.

AEK are still talking with Larissa’s Silva Cleyton but are not yet able to aqquire him due to the fact that PAO is still also interested in him. However, Cleyton’s managers have agreed a deal with AEK, it is just up to the player himself now. It is said that he will likely be influenced by Donis who he has supported alot and got along with well at Larissa.

The following is a RUMOR!   AEK are reportedly close to aquiring Costantinos Chalkias after it was reported that he will most likely not be renewing his contract with Aris.


6 Responses to “AEK News: Rivaldo, Cleyton, and Chalkias(?)”

  1. Grkfreezer Says:

    Rivaldo will most likely stay from the sound of things. Websites and papers are reporting that he has made a full 180 and will announce this within the next week.

    Also, dont be so sure about Cleyton. As you probably know, PAO is undergoing a complete transformation. This means that we are probably going to spend somewhere near 30-40 million euros (rumored 80 but lets be serious) in transfers this upcoming season. Vgenopoulos, one of the new PAO heads, wants Cleyton and is willing to outspend any club to acquire his services. Also, Cleyton has said he doesn’t care where he plays as long as there is some champions league football. PAO is in the lead right now, but again this could all change.

    If you ask me, you can have Cleyton. I think he’s EXTREMELY overrated and not worth more than 1 million. He’s not even a classic ’10ari’, he’s a CAM/LM, rather like Ivanchitz of PAO. Only thing, I rate Ivanshitz 10x more than Cletyon.

    Hopefully, AEK pick him up.

    Also, I heard Chalkia is going abroad. Let’s not hope his venture turns into the Portsmouth fiasco. I think he was rated the worst keeper in Premier League history.

  2. Is Ivanchitz leaving PAO. I hadnt heard but I dont know. I heard some Russian teams were interested but that might have actually been another player. He will probably be asking alot though. Were gonna need some people to fill in Lyberopoulos’s spot if he isnt on the team next year.

    Rivaldo said he was going to wait another week to make up his mind, so basically after the game with PAO. But I also think he will stay.

    Perhaps Cleyton is a little overrated but he is still good, I dont know if hes worth what AEK are offering. Cleyton’s managers have agreed with AEK, its just up to Cleyton himself to decide now. It is beeing said the fact that Donis is going to AEK could really affect his desicion, but its also true that he wants to play Champions League.

    Dont ask me where people are getting this information about Chalkias, like I said, its a rumor, nothing else, although he could be a good addition to the team considering how Macho is easily affected by Injury (he has a very minor injury right now as a matter of fact). Morretto is leaving so no matter what, the team will have to find another keeper. I dont know if more talks have been made about Brazilian keeper Jefferson.

  3. I used to be a huge fan of Rivaldo. I kinda stopped following his a career a while ago though and just recently heard that he was playing for AEK. How did he do? It seems that he wants to stay? Are the fans happy?

  4. He’s a clear fan favorite. He’s done really well, leads the league in assists and has scored some remarkable goals (bicycle kicks, free kicks outside the box, etc.).

    To be honest, it took a while to win me over. There were time he was brilliant and seemed to split entire defenses with a single pass. Other times, he seemed lazy, slow, lost. But he did win me over, big time. I think Rivaldo, like a lot of stars, needs the right conditions around him in order to excel. With Blanco and Edinho late in the season, Rivaldo was remarkable again. Best of all, all three of these players will return next season, forming the skeleton of our attack. Donis, in a recent interview, noted that he understands he must create the right conditions in training and on the pitch for Rivaldo to excel. All good stuff.

    Welcome to AEK Jay! Time to start following Ribo again.

  5. alexaek Says:

    Yes the fans have enormous respect for him now especially after seeing some fantastic displays of skill and after he showed how much AEK really means to him.

    Next season should be a great one to watch him play, Im sure he will try his hardest to get the championship for AEK before leaving Greece.

    He will always be a legend. One commentator on Greek sports radio here in Athens said that even though he is AEK he was ready to go buy an Olympiacos jersey (AEK’s fierce rival) with Rivaldo’s name on it just because thats how big a legend he is and always will be.

    I have to go for now, Champions League final on tv right now, Manchester and Chelsea tied 1-1 at the moment.

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