Aris 4-0 AEK

It was painful to watch this game earlier tonight. A month ago, if I saw 4-0 it would bring a smile to my face but now it forces me to turn my back. We played a very pathetic game today. Our offence was much better than it was when we played PAO however, our defence seemed determined to prove that they could in fact play worse than they did when AEK played PAO.

To make this sad loss even worse, Papastathopoulos got a red card after commiting a second yellow card foul meaning he will not be able to play with AEK when they play Panionios away for their next playoff match.

The first Aris goal was a result of poor defending by Lagos. He got to the ball but quickly lost control after trying to run up with the ball, a mistake he has made one or two times before. An Aris player quickly grabbed and since he wasnt being marked by any defenders was able to run up and get an easy shot on goal. There was nothing Macho could do to stop the goal since no goalie in the world can do anything in situations like that without a good defence to rely on.

The second goal for Aris was another goal that could have been avoided had our defence been on its toes and marking men. Aris got control of the ball in their box. After two passes the ball was at the feet of an Aris offender in front of the goal with the nearest defender twenty yards away. The Aris player had a clear path between himself and the goal the only obstacle being Macho. Macho made the slide tackle and actually managed to get the ball away from the feet of the offender but he quickly regained possesion and simply tap the ball into the net. Had their been a defender marking the player he could have gotten to the ball when the Aris player lost it and cleared it out of the danger zone.

And what a surprise, the third goal was a result of poor defending. There isnt much that can be said about this goal. Ever since the age of ten, whenever Ive been playing soccer on a team the coach would always tell the defenders to get behing the man your marking. So what did Papastathopoulos do with the man he should have been marking? He got infront of the man he should have been marking which left a clear opening for the Aris forward to run up to the goal and again tap the ball into the net. Again, there was nothing Macho could do.

If that isnt enough humiliation the fourth goal for Aris was yet again another defensive error. An Aris player ran up down the left flank and headed towards the goal where he was able to make a cross to an unmarked Aris player in front of the goal who then made a pass to another unmarked Aris player who was able to get an easy shot on goal.

These were the exact same errors which led to PAO humiliating us in the exact same fashion. I would have hoped our defence would have learned from those mistakes but they clearly have not. Hopefully these are some key areas Donis could focus on as soon as possible when (hopefully) he comes to AEK.

Unfortunately, Kostenoglou decided to play Ramos as a defender. I thought that earlier in the year management had realized that defence was not his ideal position and that he was better suited as a midfielder.

Lagos did not have a good day. He was very shaky and made many errors.

PAO managed to beat Panionios 3-0 which means that they are first in the playoffs with 17 points and AEK is second with 14 points. It looks like Champions League wont happen for AEK this year. Hopefully some summer transfers will go through and we can have another shot. Of course, there is still a chance at Chamions League but it is highly unlikely considering that there are only two games left to be played. If Aris can draw with PAO in Athens and AEK manage an away win against Panionios which they should be able to do, then we will simply have to beat PAO at home. However, Aris have the final of the Greek Cup in one week against Olympiacos who recently fired former AEK player Ilia Ivic, who was their football director. Aris are going to be focusing more attention to the Greek Cup instead of the playoffs so a draw is not extremely unreliable but who knows, PAO have been extremely unreliable at times as well. 



6 Responses to “Aris 4-0 AEK”

  1. papastathopoulos got a red card on purpose, this way he only misses one game, instead of 2. He had reached 6 yellow or something, not sure about the number of yellows.

  2. alexaek Says:

    That doesnt surpise me seeing how he reacted after the incident.

  3. Yeah, I had heard this too.

  4. alexaek Says:

    But how does that work?

    A red means a one game suspension right? But a certain number of yellows means two day suspension?

    I have tee see if I can find some more information about that, Ill check some forums.

  5. Alex-
    I think the way this works is that a certain number of yellows equals a two game suspension, but a red equals a one game suspension. But the league won’t punish you for the yellows and the red simultaneously. So say its five yellows and you are out for two games and Papa has four; then he says scr-w it, I’ll just take the Red so I can play against PAO. The yellows that he has accumulated are still there so if he gets another yellow against PAO he is still suspended for the following two games but since we are at the end of play-offs it doesn’t matter.

  6. alexaek Says:

    Got it!

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