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Just two weeks after obtaining the full rights to Ismael Blanco, AEK have officially acquired the full rights to another powerful scorer and fan favorite, Arnaldo Edi Lopes da Silva, also known as Edinho. He is happy that the AEK and Vitoria Setubal have agreed to this, claiming that he and his family have adapted comfortably to life in Greece.

AEK will be involved in a courtcase against Olympiacos after Olympiacos president Kokalis said that the team will be suing Nikolaidis and Rivaldo. Olympiacos is suing the pair based on comments they allegedly made in the changerooms about Olympiacos and how they won the chamionship on the papers. AEK have not yet officially released anything about this although people are arguing that even if Nikolaidis and Rivaldo did say these things there is nothing illegal about them since they were said in the changerooms. The press is also wondering how Olympiacos will be able to prove that these comments were in fact said.

AEK was originally going to be sued by EPO as well after comments were made towards EPO president Gagatsis and his supposed relationship with Kokalis and the rest of Olympiacos and how he has supposedly assisted Olympiacos with winning the many chamionships the team has won recently.

Although this blog focuses on the AEK soccer team I would like to congratulate the AEK basketball team for playing a very good game against Olympiacos last night. AEK was in control for the first half of the game, leading at times by almost thirty points. Olympiacos however caught up and took a three point lead. With twelve seconds left and AEK player scored a three pointer and tied the game. Unfortunately however, an AEK player then fouled an Olympiacos player which led to them being awarded two free throws and they scored both of them. Olympiacos won 70-68. AEK finished seventh in the championship so were forced to play the second placed team, Olympiacos in the playoffs. Yesterdays game was the second game of a best of three first playoff round. Olympiacos also won the first game of the series so therefore advance to the next round.

AEK FC play Aris FC in Thessaloniki tomorrow afternoon. I will post the squad as soon as it is announced. 


3 Responses to “AEK News”

  1. AEK have not been sued by kokalis, Nikolaidis and Rivaldo have been sued by PAE Olympiakos

  2. alexaek Says:

    Kokalis said at his press conference on Sunday that he was suing AEK.

    Although yes, it was just Ribo and Nikolaidis who he was originally going to sue so Im assuming that is what he meant. Im just saying what we heard when we saw the press conference on TV.

  3. alexaek Says:

    I just read on Kathimerini that it will be AEK, not just Nikolaidis and Rivaldo, that will be involved in the courtcase. But yes, it is Olympiacos that are suing AEK.

    AEK have not released anything official yet about this.

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