AEK 1-0 Aris

I really dont know what goes on with this team. One day they put on a really poor display then, five days later, they come back and play like the champions they are. AEK played a very good game of soccer today that could have been 4-0 in favour of AEK. Each and every player played a solid game and contributed to the team in whatever way they could. Bourbos and Ramos together were constantly running hard and helping to distribute the ball around the pitch and were the constant link between the defence and offence. As soon as they gained possesion they would run up the right flank of the field constantly swerving with amazing control to avoid oncoming Aris defenders and set up a play for the forwards. Ramos himself had a nice shot which unfortunately hit the cross bar.  

The offence did exactly what a good offence should do, try to score. They tried many times but unfortunately could never manage to get the ball to the back of the net. The passing was well organized, not at all like it was against Panathinaikos. Kallon played very smart soccer never rushing into the Aris defence but rather waiting and looking for the right pass to make. Rivaldo controlled the ball at times in a very similar fashion to Pele getting past defenders as if it was nothing and never once loosing control. Its a shame he never managed to finish off with a nice shot.

Lyberopoulos came in as a sub for Bourbos at half time and a smart choice that was. Lyberopoulos scored a classic Lybe header in the 54th minute. The important thing to note from this goal is that it wasnt Edinho or Ramos who made the perfect cross to Lyberopoulos but Blanco. Blanco played a very good game along with the rest of the team. He was not only a forward concentrating on scoring goals but also helped to pass the ball around at times. He had an excellent shot in the 68th minute which unfortunately hit the cross bar instead of going in the net.

Our defence was once again a solid wall. Aris did play a decent game however, with AEK’s defence being as tight as it was no team could ever manage to score against it. It was very difficult for Aris players to get past our defence consisting of Papastathopoulos, Alves, Nsaliwa, Georgeas, Bourbos, and Ramos. Even if a player managed to penetrate through the wall the defence would rush back and make sure that Aris players were never given enough space to release a good shot on net (if only they could have played this way against Panathinaikos).

Our defence was not the only reason Aris couldnt score however. Jurgen Macho, feeling he had to prove to himself that he was better than how he had played against PAO played a very solid game. He seemed to be always on his toes and made some very important saves to help keep his team in the lead. It was this solid performance that led to him being awarded the MVP of the match.

Unfortunately, PAO won away agianst Panionios 2-1 to keep them in first place.

Dellas, and Georgeas, most likely will not be ready to play against Aris in Thessaloniki this wednesday.  Kalon went out with an injury but they will know by tomorrow whether he will be ready for Wednesday’s game.


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