Results From The 2008 FIFA Youth Tournament in Zurich

As some of you may have known the AEK youth team participated at the FIFA Youth Tournament this year. The FIFA Youth Tournament is an international tournament which hosts clubs from all over the world This year there were ten clubs participating. Amongst these ten clubs were clubs such as Manchester United, Villareal, Hamburger SV, and C.R. Flamengo.

The tournament lasted two days, between the 30th of April and the 1st of May. Overall AEK didnt do too badly. They lost the majority of their games but these were not severe losses. The margins between goals at these games were usually only one or two goals.


The AEK program was as follows:

30th of April

AEK-Hamburg 0:2. This match according to the coach of the junior team was apparently the most difficult for the team.

AEK-Zurich 0:1. This match was apparently a very close one with AEK having many chances to score but not managing to capitalize on these chances.

1st of May

Flamengo-AEK 1:0

Blue Stars-AEK 1:2. This was AEK’s first victory and managed to help AEK attain 3 points and therefore finish fourth in their group.

In the Final Round AEK palyed Partizan Belgrad and won 1:0.

The ten teams that participated were AEK Athens, C.R. Flamengo, Hamburger SV, FC Zurich, FC Blue Stars, Partizan Belgrad, Manchester United, Villareal C.F., Grasshoper-Club, and FC Basel.

Information can be found at: (German)




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