Squad for Match Against Panathinaikos

Kostenoglou will be taking his usual squad with him to the Appostolos Nikolaidis stadium. The squad will include Macho, Moretto, Dellas, Bourbos, Arruabarrena, Papastathopoulos, Pliatsikas, Geraldo Alves, Edson Silva Ramos, Kone, Julio Cezar, Liberopoulos, and Blanco.

Georgeas and Manduca are still not 100 percent ready.

I cannot find the squad that PAO will be taking but I do know that Gonzales, Endoi, Seric, and Fissas will not be playing.


Maybe olympiacos will have another member joining them at Club 4.

Although no match at the Appostolos Nikolaidis Stadium is never an easy match (this is afterall a derby) AEK should be able to win as long as they have confidence (but not too much of course, although PAO’s form has been pretty bad lately they will still never be an easy team to beat away). The key to AEK getting the result they want will obviously be a quick goal. Whoever scores first will have a much easier game for the rest of the night. If PAO let in a quick goal they will quickly loose the patience of the fans who have not been very impressed with the team lately.


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