AEK wins in Thessaloniki 4-0

AEK won what seemed a fairly easy match. The team’s form seemed, from the sunday night highlights, to be in good shape. We saw goals from Lyberopoulos who scored from another long range effort, one from Papastothopoulos who scored his first of the season, a goal from Blanco and one from Kallon.

The first goal came in the 20th minute, a header from Papastathopoulos off of a cross into the middle of the box by Bourbos that was out of reach for PAOK’s goalkeeper.

The second goal for us came three minutes later. Blanco ran up to the PAOK goal just in time to reach a nice cross by Edinho which made its way to Blanco who was left unmarked by the PAOK defense. The play was originally set up by a nice pass (his passing must be influenced by spending time with Rivaldo) which made its way past a PAOK defender straight to the feet of Edinho.

The third goal was another one of Lybeoropoulos’s long range efforts, this time low on the ground, too low for the keeper to reach it in time. This goal came two minutes after the second by Blanco, and was the third for AEK in five minutes. It was a low and very fast shot from just outside the box.

The fourth goal for AEK came in the 82nd minute, another long range shot, this time from Kallon. It started off with well organized passing by our AEK’s forward and midfielders. Pappas set up Kallon perfectly outside the box, and Kallon, seeing that there were no PAOK defenders challenging him took a high, almost lob like shot which sunk into the goal. Kallon had plenty of time to set himself up perfectly into the right position and took the shot with minimal effort.

Overall, the game was much like many recent AEK games. The play was very organized and smoothly flowing and our defense was quite tight, PAOK only getting a few efforts on our goal the whole night.

Our substitutions were Kallon who replaced Blanco, Pappas who replaced Edinho, and Kone who replaced Rivaldo. Rivaldo got quite a bit of applause from the PAOK fans as he was leaving the pitch.

Unfortunately, Skoda Xanthi could not hold off olympiacos who won 4-1. Due to this our only hopes for the chamionship are if Iraklis win in Athens (quite unlikely although they won a good game 5-2 on Sunday), or if the court case goes in favour of Apollon Kalamarias which would remove three points from olympiacos.



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